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 The Aquaticus

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Bastard Co-Admin From Hell

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PostSubject: The Aquaticus   The Aquaticus Icon_minitimeMon Jul 30, 2012 5:28 pm

Appearance: The Aquaticus appears to be a tall man, at least 7 feet tall, long arms and legs. It wears a dark cloak, with a torn back for the 4 spiked limbs that rest upon it's back. Its fingers end in black tipped claws. Its face is thin and pale, almost gaunt looking.
Name: The Aquaticus
Gender: N/A (Appears male.)
Age: N/A (Cannot be determined, is ageless. (Been around 60 years total, but not in this world.))
Species (all that apply(Except for any dragon related ones!)) : Monstrosity
Hair: None.
Eyes: Red as blood, appear to glow in dim or no light.
Height: Tall, about seven feet.
Other: Those who stare too close may notice a shifting in the cloak.
Basic Info: The Aquaticus is a killer that became more. An old man who became a monster. A young man who became a demon. The Aquaticus was once Ian Markus, a well known serial killer on a Dystopian Earth. Running from the Authority, he escaped into a dark alleyway, a dead end. That's when the old man showed himself, and stabbed Ian Markus through the heart. A world apart, a young, nameless man completed a ritual to become a demon lord, pulling evil from the Dystopian Earth.
The evil pulled was Ian Markus and the old man. Their dark hearts merged, creating The Aquaticus. However, at the last minute, the old man felt something he'd never felt before; Remorse. This is the feeling that he brought to The Aquaticus.
Now, The Aquaticus has been trying to atone for the sins of its Makers. It hunts those who kill and kills them back. It has ended up here because of Zorvan. You need not ask how, for we all know Zorvan.
Powers/Abilities: The Aquaticus can shapeshift moderately. It's body can extend limbs, sharped claws and spikes, and absorb bodies.

Weapons/Equipment: The only weapon of The Aquaticus is The Aquaticus itself.

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The Aquaticus
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