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 Mi'j's Characters

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PostSubject: Mi'j's Characters   Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:21 am

Name (Note, they will not actually -know- their names to begin with): Krori Terrick
Gender: Female
Hair: Black, going well down the length of her body.
Eyes: A deep shade of blue, that looks almost unnatural
Other: A tattoo sleeve on her right arm, that looks like a swirly, jagged like pattern.
Occupation before Apocalypse (They will not know what it was, but it will affect the skills and traits the have, to an extent [e.g.- if I had a doctor, they'll have the resourcefulness to treat injuries, and would work well under stress]: Tattoo artist
Personality: Very casual about almost everything, and very nonchalant. She likes to joke, and tends to be very sarcastic.
Weapon and/or Ability (See ability list): As a major ability she has energy field, and as a minor ability, she has metamorphosis.
Basic Info (Not really necessary since they don't remember it, but if you'd like to make one for your character, feel free to do so):
Skill (What would they be best at doing to survive, gather, defend, etc.): Krori would mostly be a defender on missions to go out and gather.


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Mi'j's Characters
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