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Bastard Co-Admin From Hell

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PostSubject: Rules   Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:42 pm

This is an experimental Rp, so expect possible changes.
Firstly, you MUST make either a brand new character, or you may use a character from either the Champions Online or City of Heroes universe.
Secondly, you must have at least two characters, one hero, one villain.
Thirdly, try to post with any and all characters when you post.
Fourthly, make sure you post in the proper locations.
Fifthly, remember that we are all starting at the same basic level. Aka: MMO level one. All characters shall become more powerful over time.
Sixthly, No dumb characters, such as MILKY, the super cow. Or the spoonmaster, who summons spoons. Dammit Shade.
That is all for now. At the moment please disregard rule two, as we are only using heroes.

Also, for note, all character experience and progress from the testing period of this RP may be brought with you into the actual RP when it moves out of Experimental.

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