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PostSubject: Mira   Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:23 pm

Name: Mira
Alias: Mira
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Origin: Magic
Powers: Rune Magic of an unique variety is her primary power, her secondary is her natural magic, that of acidic fire, which she can direct using the runes.
Special Abilities: She can see the future although she has no control over it. She is also an Empath.
Special Gear: Sketch book, which is her primary form of communication as well as her spellbook, used to control her runes. She has a large box of them back at the bridge where she lives.
Preferred Weapon: Acidic Flame.
Appearance: Will put image later. For now: She looks young, athletic but thin, as if she hasn't always eaten well. Brownish hair, short, covers her left eye. Eyes are green. She wears a yellow mask over her mouth, but not above her nose. She wheres a tightish blue shirt with a yellow hourglass on the front and a matching blue skirt with some yellow lines. No shoes. She has a yellow belt with a satchel on it, which holds her sketchbook and drawing supplies.
Pet: None.
Weaknesses: Mira cannot talk, she was born that way. However, she is also not able to write legibly without a lot of pain. Mira is unable to type as well. This is part of a pact that gives her her powers. Without time to prepare her runes she is also much weaker.
Backstory: Mira's parents abandoned her when she was little. She was found by a street rat named Amy, who helped Mira find a relatively safe shelter, away from gangs and thieves. This would be the bridge that Amy and Mira have lived under for years. How she got her powers? Well let me tell you a story...

Mira woke up cold again. She was used to this by now, though, and she just got up, reaching for her sketchbook. Finding it, she took out a pencil and looked around. Mira saw her best friend, Amy, still sleeping, and decided to draw her. Amy seemed so peaceful and calm when she was asleep, like a completely different person from the hyperactive and sneaky girl she normally was.

Amy had found Mira a year before, and they instantly became friends. Mira needed someone to help her out, and Amy just needed someone -anyone. Amy loved to work out puzzles and tricks, and was good at figuring out what Mira needed. She'd even made Mira a name tag saying "I'm Mira, I can't talk!" Mira wore the name tag always, not only because it was useful.

Amy's presence was another factor. Mira always felt a sort of aura around people, and she could 'feel' Amy long before she saw her. Amy felt like sunshine, always bright.

Mira finished her drawing, and her friend woke soon after. "Hey Mira. Do you ever sleep in?" She asked, rubbing her eyes and grinning. "Hmm... I managed to get a little cash yesterday. What do you say to getting a nice large breakfast?" Mira's eyes lit up as she nodded vigorously. Since her parents left her, she usually didn't get much to eat. "I'm thinking... Waffles! Sound good?" Amy said, getting up from her spot in the corner. She stretched and yawned. Mira drew a smiley face on a new sheet of paper, smiling herself.

"Okay then! Let's go!" Amy said, and started running off down the street. Mira followed closely. She was getting to be able to keep up with her fast friend, and Amy no longer had to stop every few minutes. After a little while, they came to the place. "Okay Mira, you stay here, I'll go get our food. Orange juice?" Mira smiled brightly, nodding! "Thought so. I'll be right back." Amy went into the building, and came out a few minutes later with food. She handed a carton to Mira, who took it carefully. "Let's get this back to our place." This time, Mira led them back. Mira's ability to 'feel' people made it hard to sneak up on her, so she always took the lead when they were carrying something important.

When they got back, Mira nearly dropped the food. Stopping herself before doing so, she managed to set it down before running to where she slept. The box she kept beside that spot was open, and she never left it open. She started checking frantically, making sure all of her sketch books were still there. Oddly enough, everything, even her drawing stuff, was still there. She noticed something near the bottom of the box, and pulled it out. "Mira?" Amy asked, looking over her shoulder. What Mira had taken out was a book, hardback. Mira didn't own, and had never owned a hardback book. On the cover was a set of weird symbols, not like any letters she'd seen. Mira turned to face Amy, and shrugged. The book could wait, since all her things were still there. She went over to the food, splitting it evenly at first, then putting a little more on Amy's side. Amy made an annoyed sound. "I've told you not to do that, silly." Amy then split the food evenly again, and they ate.

Once they were done, Mira drew smiley faces, giving a full page of them to Amy as thanks. "You're welcome." She said, grinning. "Now, what was that book you found?" Mira shrugged again,and walked over to the book. Amy followed, watching over her shoulder. Mira opened the cover carefully, and saw... Nothing. The book appeared blank. She flipped through the pages, and they were all blank.

"Huh. Weird. Wonder why they left it. It'll be a good sketch book for you though!" Amy said, shrugging. "I'm going to go off to find something to do, will you be okay without me for a while?" Mira nodded, looking at the blank book. "Okay. I'll be back later!" Amy ran off, likely to find a small job to do or something.

Mira scanned the area carefully, until she was sure there was no one else around, then sat in the middle of their little area with her palms facing upwards. She closed her eyes, focusing on her hands. For a minute or two, nothing happened. Then green fire suddenly erupted from her palms. Her eyes opened, and she moved her hands slowly. The flames flickered, but did not go out. She experimented, thrusting her arms forwards. This caused the fire to leap from her hands to the concrete in front of her. Mira continued to do this until her arms ached, and then sat again. A few minutes of concentration later, the fire was gone.

She decided to look at that book again, and maybe draw something in it. She went to open the book, and saw the cover glowing green. She stopped and stared at it for a minute, but nothing changed. Mira reached out, carefully flipped the cover back open, and made a silent gasp. It was filled with symbols, moving symbols!

She watched them move around the paper for a little bit, until some strange urge made her reach out and touch the page. Immediately, the symbols froze, turning as if to look at her hand. Then, all at once, they moved from the page to her arm. Mira jerked her hand back, but it was too late. The symbols were all on her arm. For a few seconds nothing happened while she stared at her arm. Suddenly, she felt a pressure on her mind, like when she 'felt' a person.

Her vision clouded over, and she saw a blank, green expanse of nothing... until symbols began to draw themselves in the emptiness. She watched them, curious. As soon as her attention focused on the symbols, an sketch of Mira appeared in the empty space. A few of the symbols began move onto the sketch, one of them glowing the same color as her fire. That one stopped right over her chest. Another one, glowing the green that the book had glowed, stopped at her shoulder. The rest just circled the sketch.

She looked, confused, at the symbols. Mira reach out, to touch them. When her fingers brush the fiery symbol, she heard a voice speaking. "Flames, power, life, flames, power, life." It repeated those words until she moved her hand away. She reached towards the other symbol, and heard another voice. "Knowledge." This voice only spoke once, in a questioning tone. She touched it again, and got the same result. Mira tilted her head to the side, then nodded. Instantly, the Knowledge symbol flared brightly, and she felt a sort of itching on her shoulder. The same shoulder the symbol was on in the sketch.

The feeling went away quickly, and she looked back to the sketch. When she looked at the Knowledge symbol -no, the Knowledge rune, she immediately knew what it was and what it did. She looked to the other runes, and knew what they meant and what they could do as well. They seemed to be say something... 'Hope, with silence. Knowledge, priceless, limitless. Power, price, silence. Strength, silence.' Mira thought on this for a while... then she nodded. More runes began to move onto her the sketch. 'Strength' stopped over her left leg, and she felt itching in the corresponding place. 'Hope' moved to her forehead, and that itched too. Finally, 'Silence' stopped right over her mouth, and she felt nothing there.

She passed out. Blackness, with odd dreams of runes and helping people.

She woke up to Amy shaking her, looking worried! "Oh! I thought you weren't ever going to wake up! You've been asleep for days!" She said quickly, looking at Mira's eyes. "Are you okay? What happened? You didn't look hurt." Mira blinks, then smiles. She reaches out for her sketchbook, and Amy hands it to her. She draws a smiley face, then the rune on the cover of the book. "Huh? That looks familiar." Mira looks over at the book, and points to it. "Oh yeah, that! It was lying right beside you when I found you. What happened!?" Amy asks. Mira draws a set of runes, the book, and then a sketch of herself. She thinks for a moment, and adds the runes on her her body to the sketch, then notices that the runes on her arm are gone! She looks at her shoulder, and doesn't see the knowledge rune. She shrugs, then points at the drawing.

"It was... Magic or something?" Mira nods. "Are you sure that's safe? Magic is tricky!" Amy had a couple of run ins with a mage or two, and they were not always nice... or sane. Mira shrugs, smiling. "... Okay, if you're sure. Be careful though, okay?" Mira nods happily, hugging Amy tight.

{Three months later.}

Amy and Mira are walking through the park. They'd decided that they would relax today, because they were all tired out from trying to get a bit of money. Thus they walked around the city. Nothing much had happened so far, so Mira wasn't as alert as she normally would have been.

Which of course meant something would happen. "Hey. You. Girl." a guy said, from beside a tree. Mira looked at him, and regretted it. She normally would have felt someone like this way before they showed up. He wasn't a good guy, to put it simply. "Stay right there, and no body'll have to be hurt. Much." he said, walking up to Amy.

Mira was angry... But not as angry as Amy. "What? You think I'm going to listen to a jerk like you! Shove off!" She said, pushing at him. He didn't budge. "Well well. I guess I'll just have to do this, then." He then proceeded to hit Amy on the head, hard. "Ooowww...." Amy was dazed, and couldn't react. "Much better. I hate it when they're loud." He looked over at Mira. "And now for you- what the?!" Mira's hands were engulfed in green fire, but she wasn't using it. Her eyes were glowing the green from the book, and her mouth moved slightly.

The man took the safe route, and circled around her, thinking about getting some back up from his buddies. He didn't see Mira trace out the symbols with her hands, he was too busy watching her eyes. Around her, she drew a circle. On the outside of a circle, an arrow pointing to him. The arrow caught his attention, and he said, "What?! Another one?! Why me?" as he jumped to the side. The moving didn't help him as the arrow shifted to keep pointed at him. Mira then drew a rune at arm level, on both sides of her. She put her hands where she drew the runes. Green fire filled the arrow, and the man turned to run. That is probably the only reason he lived, but he didn't get away unscathed. The fire caught his jacket, and start eating it, like acid. He never returned to that park.

"Wha... What did you just do?!" Amy said, still dazed, but staring at Mira. Mira blinked, then grabbed her sketchbook. She drew the runes that she had drawn in the air, and connected them to a circle. She drew the fire she had called beside the runes. Amy looked at the page for a bit, then to Mira. Then back at the page. "That... Is... so... awesome!" she yelled, and hugged Mira tightly! "Thank you!" She said, grinning. "You saved me, you know. We're even now, so you can stop trying to give me your food, kay?" Mira made an embarrassed smile, and nodded. "Good, let's get home."

Mira kept practicing with the runes, and visited that park often. The more she visited, the less gang members that went there. Mira has gotten what she always wanted, the ability to help people who need it. She has gotten hope.

So yeah, that's Mira.

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