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Baby seal with a switchblade
Baby seal with a switchblade

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PostSubject: Juan   Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:17 am

Name: Juan
Alias: Psychowolf.
Age: 47 (Looks 18)
Gender: Male
Race: Summing. (Not sure yet)
(Powers: Healing factor, summoning.
Preferred Weapon: Calling up a wolf.
Appearance: Classic smile, black hair, and a cocky attitude. You can literally SEE cockiness out of this guy.
Pet: Baby Sasquatch
Weaknesses: Takes on wolf traits during times of stress, anything more than a bare minimum of electrical charge shuts him down for a short while and he has a deathly fear of black cats.
Backstory: Growing up in Brooklyn, Juan was raised in a big family, nothing really special about them. They were close knit, and home was always a happy place and he spent many a day playing with his brothers and sisters. One day, he and his family visited his uncle, Luis, an inventor in the city working on a new energy source. Juan's brother, Filipe, wandered too close to certain exposed wiring. In a desperate effort to keep him from being harmed, Juan knocked him out of the way, taking an enormous amount of electrical energy before being flung forward. After a brief stint in the hospital, he returned home, surprisingly in good shape. Over the next few days, he noticed animals following him, and some dogs that were ordinarily vicious doing an action that looked surprisingly similar to bowing. It seemed odd, but it didn't cause him too much bother. One day, he and his best friend, Jonah, were heading down to the mini mart when something happened that would change his life forever. A car came screaming around the corner, the muzzle of the gun pointing out of the window directly at his friend. Acting on impulse, he knocked Jonah out of the way. The bullet punched straight through his heart, and as he stared down at his wound, waiting for death, the flesh knitted together, healing him in a manner of moments. The gun pointed at his friend once more, ready to kill him in cold blood. Juan held up his hands, crying out. His eyes closed, not wanting to see his friend die, when suddenly he heard a loud roaring noise, and the tearing of flesh. Opening his eyes, he saw a great wolf, furred in grey and white, blood dripping from his jaws. Juan stared on terror, wondering where the beast had come from, and when it would tear out his own throat. The wolf SMILED at him, before blending into the night in front of his eyes. Over the next few years, he practiced his healing, but didn't try to summon the wolf, terrified of the pure animalistic nature of his follower. As the years went by, he noticed that while he did not age, his friends and family did, growing into adults with children and families. He knew he could not stay, and so he left, wandering the world before arriving in Rhode Island.

"We can't just let her die!" -Gensuha
"I can. I can TOTALLY let her die." -Tyern.

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