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 The pineapple of let's get this started!

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When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.
When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.

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PostSubject: The pineapple of let's get this started!   Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:01 am

Name: Although he doesn't know it, Samuel
Alias: Mortius
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Half demon half human
Origin: Magic
Powers: Dark, Summoner
Special Gear: N/A
Preferred Weapon: Dark
Appearance: Maybe some day
Pet:His shadow, and the dead.
Weaknesses: Light, Metal and nature (Magic or otherwise)
Backstory: His mother, before death, wanted the best for her child. Her battle against evil would be continued in the heart of her son, she said in her dying breath. However his father intervened, giving his son, the power that the mother spent all of those years fighting, but one born in darkness can't be brought to light. Shrouded by a cloak and helped by his own shadow, he is to carry out the task, of killing what gave him power.

I'm more serious than you know, more powerful, I have a voice, but I'm too afraid to use it. I have a blade but I am not yet strong enough to wield it. I have the torch, but the dungeon's darkness is consuming me. I hold the power to help, but lack those in need. I am the shield, that keeps the blade at bay. I hold the lighter, to relight the torch in the blackness. I hold the mic, that makes my voice stronger. Let this be a cry to everyone else, don't lose hope just yet. We can keep the oncoming darkness at bay. I am Alamyst, and this is my message, we will win this war. We will slay all that would threaten this once pure world.
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The pineapple of let's get this started!
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