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 Volume One opening

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Baby seal with a switchblade
Baby seal with a switchblade

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PostSubject: Volume One opening   Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:58 am

This is the opening of Volume One I've been working on. I started with Volume Two, but I was reminded that I needed to start at the beginning, so here it is. For your pleasure.... the start.

I am not like the others of my race. The Younger Race calls us the elves, but our true name, the name we call ourselves, is the Etu Turdamen, or the Third Born. The Third Born remember the entirity of their birth, something that distinguishes them from all other races, and from me as well. I recall almost nothing of my birth, save the sound of crashing waves upon a craggy shore, and the feeling of home, something I have never felt within the massive walls of this city. The grey and gold walls of this city creating a large contrast with the rich browns and greens of the enormous trees which surround them. As a child, I had longed to escape from those walls, but as only the Royal Armies Of His Highness, King Xuxantheles and Quest groups could exit by royal decree, I could only dream of the freedom that lay only a few feet from those walls.

Please keep in mind this is a major work in progress.

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Volume One opening
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