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 The one and only Villian

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When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.
When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.

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PostSubject: The one and only Villian   Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:46 am

Name:Cornelius he doesn't have a surname.
Alias: Nightbringer
Age:Appears to be about 40, but his true age is unknown. He is very old.
Race: Demon.
Origin: ((Magic, Technology, Natural, Mutation, or Science.) This affects how you use your abilities.) Magic
Powers: (One primary kind of ability, one secondary. You may instead chose to focus on just one thing really well or three things less strongly.) Dark and fire.
Special Gear: ((This would be primarily for Tech Heroes.))
Preferred Weapon: ((Magic users put their preferred magic attack, like fire or ice.)) Fire, Dark and a peculiar looking blade drawing upon the forces of hell
Appearance: Normally, he looks as a well dressed businessman, buffer than most, but his natural form looks a bit more... Massive. He grows to freakish heights and takes on the form of a Demon Lord ((Not of the light variety (tehe)))
Pet: ((Unless a summoner, only one pet allowed.))A corrupted Phoenix, which like him, appears just to be a eagle until he shifts forms.
Weaknesses: ((At least THREE.)) Water, Light, and Control.
Backstory: Controlling hell's armies for thousands of years, he finally tried to settle down on the overworld, taking a phoenix and trying to settle down, he had a son. He had been chased off after his spouse found out who he was, he lived nomadic for many years afterwards. His son, grew up to be the hero Mortius.

I'm more serious than you know, more powerful, I have a voice, but I'm too afraid to use it. I have a blade but I am not yet strong enough to wield it. I have the torch, but the dungeon's darkness is consuming me. I hold the power to help, but lack those in need. I am the shield, that keeps the blade at bay. I hold the lighter, to relight the torch in the blackness. I hold the mic, that makes my voice stronger. Let this be a cry to everyone else, don't lose hope just yet. We can keep the oncoming darkness at bay. I am Alamyst, and this is my message, we will win this war. We will slay all that would threaten this once pure world.
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The one and only Villian
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