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 NPCs- Forgotten Tomes

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When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.
When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.

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PostSubject: NPCs- Forgotten Tomes   NPCs- Forgotten Tomes Icon_minitimeSat May 18, 2013 2:31 am

Name: Maze
Age: 24
Appearance: A black skinned male with white tattoos throughout his body, he wears Master Hero robes and wields an Obsidian Focus (Basically a magical staff).
Basic info: As a child, Maze's family was killed in the battle of bloody harvest, he was stranded when Jack found him, in return for his service, Maze was allowed to live, and granted the potential to be a great hero. Scythe personally trained him for ten years, and not many know of his intentions.

I'm more serious than you know, more powerful, I have a voice, but I'm too afraid to use it. I have a blade but I am not yet strong enough to wield it. I have the torch, but the dungeon's darkness is consuming me. I hold the power to help, but lack those in need. I am the shield, that keeps the blade at bay. I hold the lighter, to relight the torch in the blackness. I hold the mic, that makes my voice stronger. Let this be a cry to everyone else, don't lose hope just yet. We can keep the oncoming darkness at bay. I am Alamyst, and this is my message, we will win this war. We will slay all that would threaten this once pure world.
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NPCs- Forgotten Tomes
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