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PostSubject: Basics-OBEY THE BASICS!   Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:06 am

Pm me when you want to make your char, and I'll set it up to roll it.

Characters start out with 3 in all four stats, Magic, Attack, Defense, and Speed. They then use
to determine their starting bonus.

To figure out what order you attack in, roll a twenty for initiative.

To hit, the requirement is 10 + target's defense-your attack.
>Exp: I roll a d20, and get a 11. My opponent has a defense of 5, and I have an attack of 3. 10+5=15-3=12. Miss.
I roll a d20 and get a 14. 10+5=15-3=12. Hit.
>A natural 20 is a crit. Add your level/or attack, which ever is higher, to your roll..

If you hit, roll whatever die is needed for your weapon to see how much damage you do.

A 1 is a critical miss, unless you are rolling for damage. Then it's a reroll.

I am the DM. No exceptions.

No godmodding.
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