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PostSubject: background   Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:49 am

This cyoa/rp/whatever category is deemed fit, is following similar to the adventure that occurs in Touhoumon Emerald by Anjirusensei. The main characters have fallen into gaps (similar to portal except no gun involved and one person controls all of them) and ended up in the world of Gensokyo. Alice Margatroid, the resident doll maker has made puppets (copies) of the various youkai, demons, fairies, shrine maidens and random others (That means you F.O.E.) but made so many that there are excess of them. You must capture and train them as you battle an even harder elite 4 as you try to become Touhoumon champions. Notes, first off I would like three people if possible for this, so that none of the starters are left out. All items and money are shared between the players. The only things i really request is players keep track of their "puppets" PP for moves, though i will be trying to do that as well. This takes place in the Hoenn region, however towns and important people have different names/appearences (due to this being Gesokyo of course.) This is generation 3 style, but im throwing out EVs and IVs because they confuzzle me

I will try to explain the touhoumons in detail and provide wiki links as to what they look like.
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