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 Races and Classes

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PostSubject: Races and Classes   Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:27 am

inCOMPLETE credit to Nova here. I can't think of any new races. Or classes. Sorry for using your stuff, Nova.

{Aqua says other wise! so I have said and so it shall be!}

Race: Human
Ally: Ægyl

The humans aren't too bright, fast, strong or dangerous as the other races. That of course, is where their shrewd ability to learn and adapt comes into play. They can learn much faster than other races, and tend towards magic, as can be seen in their Avatars.

Human are the most basic, well rounded race. +1 to all damage period.

Race: Elf
Ally: Levarians

The elves prefer the solitude and the company of their own kind. They do, however, hold a respect for the Levarians, seeing as they are the only species besides themselves who seem to appreciate nature as they do.

Elves are also quite basic, but they are also rather graceful, so they get 1 Speed and Magic, but -1 Attack and Defense. Elven archers are unnaturally accurate, and get a 3 to all damage with the bow or crossbow.

Race: Dwarf
Ally: Dracius

The Dwarves are a sturdy, but short race. Making short jokes about them however, is not a good idea. They are very good with those axes. And they are groin level. 2 2=4 kids!

Dwarves are walking bulk and muscle, making them slow. Dwarves receive 1 Attack and 2 Defense, but -1 Speed and -2 Magic. They are great fighters with their axes, and get a 1 to all attacks make with them.

Race: Asferian
Ally: Goblin

Info:The Asferians are a tough, humanoid race. They are great attackers, but they lack in defense. Asaferian warlords are known for being unstoppable engines of destruction.

Though big and tough, Asferians are not the best blockers. Nor do they like magic. Too complicated. Asferians get 2 Speed, and 2 Attack, but -2 Defense and magic.. +10 to all melee damage with a non light weapon. Light weapons break when used.

Race: Goblin
Ally: Asferians

Goblins are not all too bright, but can live any where they wish. They're like sentient rats.However, they are the undisputed masters of the deserts, and make excellent guides if paid well.

Goblins, being quite the knuckle heads, get 3 Speed, but -2 Attack and -1 Defense. However, goblin shamans instead get 4 magic, -2 attack, -1 defense, and -1 speed.

Race: Levarian
Ally: Elves

Levarians are the most tribal Race, and quite in tune with nature. They live in the forests , and like the elves are growing quite fond of the solitude. Levarians vary quite a bit between male and female, like lions.

Levarian females get 2 Speed, but -1 Attack, and -1 Defense
Levarian males get 2 Attack and 1 Speed, but -3 Defense

Race: Ægyl
Ally: Humans

Though not the angels of biblical status, Ægyl are quite adept at holy magic and have feathered wings for flight. They live in the arctic climate because their kind does not feel cold. Though they prefer solitude, they have agreed to help the Humans.

Ægyl are quite good in defensive combat, but not great attackers. Ægyl get 2 Defense and 2 magic, but -4 Attack.

Race: Impure
Ally: None

Centuries ago, the Elves practiced a barbaric magic ritual, in which those who didn't follow their laws were sent to a Dark Realm to be exiled. Over time, the exiles made a home there, and allowed the dark energies to evolve them into what they are now, the "Impure". Though many prefer to stay there, the Impure have learned how to cross the threshold. The Impure except alliance from no continental Race.

The Impure are heavily based on strength and magic combination. They get 1 Attack, 1 defense, and 3 magic, but -5 Speed.

Race: Neko
Continent: N/A
Location: They roam between the Levarian Plane and Aksfall, but mainly in Nooberus
Ally: None

Neko are the offspring of Levarians and Humans. However, neither really accepts the hybrid children, and they are a minority. However, if given a chance, Neko's seem to love jungles. Something about the trees, maybe the abundant catnip...

Neko are very agile. They get 2 Speed, but -1 Attack and -1 Defense.

Race: Dracius
Ally: Dwarves

Though they appear as some human/dragon hybrid, seeing as they have draconic wings, horns, and claws, Dracius are a Race all their own. They can fly like Ægyl and Impure, but prefer to walk on the ground. They are allied with their neighbors in the mountains, the Dwarves.

Dracius are either great magi or great warriors. Either +4 to magic or attack. -2 defense and -2 speed.


Class: Assassin
Assassins are speedy fighters, but rely on speed and defense only.
Assassins use daggers. DUH!
Assasins get a 1 to speed and defense while in the shadows. 2 at night.

Class: Monk
Monks are those who have toned their bodies through strenuous training. Monks believe in passive fighting, and use countering like moves to fight.
Monks do not use weapons, except perhaps bracers or brass knuckles.
Monks receive 1 Defense, and start out with the ability Counter Force.

Counter Force: When the monk is attacked, they may skip their next attack to immobilize the foe until the foe's next attack step.

Class: Ninja
Ninja's are the shadow lurking legends of Japan. Ninja's are the emphasis of stealth.
Ninjas use long range blades, like shuriken and kunai. Ninjas also use katanas. Ninjas begin with basic katana, or basic shuriken.
Ninjas receive an additional 1 Speed, and start with the ability Vanish. 3 speed if no one can see them.

Vanish: At any time, the ninja may use this ability to flee battle. The ninja remains out of battle until its completion, and can not re-enter for five rounds. If the battle ends with the team losing, the ninja does not KO, and may choose to re-enter the battle then, to revive KO'd team mates, finish off the enemy, etc. If the ninja flees a Quest Battle, and the team wins, the ninja receives no reward.

Class: Archer
Archers use bows to attack foes (hehe...rhyme).
Archers use all bows and crossbows. Archers start out with the basic bow.
Archers receive 1 Defense, and start with the ability Stand Back.

Critical Aim: If the Archer deals damage equal to or more than a quarter of the target's health, multiply the damage by the Archer's level halved, or 1.5, whichever is higher.

Class: Thief
Thieves are the low lives who use their speed to take what isn't there's.
Thieves use daggers and throwing knives. they may also use explosives, like bombs. Thieves begin with a basic dagger.
Thieves receive an additional 1 Speed, and start with the abilities Pickpocket and Steal Loot.

Pickpocket: While the thief walks through populated areas, there gold "magically" increases steadily.

Steal Loot: When the thief rolls an attack of 70% for that attack, the thief obtains gold or items. The value depends on the rank of the target.

Class: Trapper
Trappers are those who employ the use of traps to halt foes instead of attacking directly.
Trappers use the same weapons as thieves, and Trap Skill Items. Trappers start with a simple dagger.
Trappers get 1 Attack, and start with the ability Simple Trap.

Simple Trap: The trapper sets a simple trap. The trap activates when an enemy attacks someone near that spot. The attack is stopped. Use only when proper materials are available. (Trap parts: 10 mid level currency units. ))

Class: Barbarian
Barbarians are great warriors, know for their ability to flip into pure aggression mode at will, and back once the bloodshed has ended. Barbarians are not known for their magical capabilities, however.
Barbarians can use absolutely anything as a weapon, from a sword to the severed leg of a goat. Or even the severed leg of their foe. However, they tend to not use as much armor as others, because they are tough to hurt even without it and see it as a hindrance.
Barbarians get 1 to attack, 1 to defense, and 1 to speed. -4 to magic. However, if not wearing proper armor, they get another 2 to defense and attack. They have the Rage ability.

Rage: The barbarian gets [level 2] rage points. Rage ends if the barbarian was unable to damage anyone in their last two turns. However, each time the barbarian hits an enemy -or an ally- the barbarian gets another rage point. A barbarian cannot have more rage points than his attack and defense combined.

Combat rage: The barbarian can add points to his attack and defense, as long as the combined total of the added points is equal to or less than his total number of rage points. these points cannot be reassigned, but there are abilities to remove points that can be used to indirectly do so.
[three rage points can equal 2 attack and 1 defense or just 3 attack.]

Roar: The barbarian can spend a rage point to cause all of his foes' attack and defense to drop by his current Attack.

Massive inertia: Barbarians in Rage cannot be stopped by less than a 30 foot wall. They can spend one point per 10 feet of wall to literally charge through. However, that can only be done once per turn, so it is hard to keep their Rage up that long. But, this can also be used to get past enemies to attack something behind them. If thirty feet of wall isn't enough, how well do you think they will fare?

Powerful blows: A barbarian in rage gets a bonus to his damage equal to his current number of Rage points.

Rest: A barbarian exiting Rage cannot enter Rage for an hour after combat. However, as long as this is still the same combat, they can immediatly enter Rage again with one less rage point. Each time they leave Rage, as long is it is the same combat, they may choose to take -1 rage point per previous Rage to start another Rage again. Rage Rage rage I typed that far to many times just now.

Class: Druid
Druids are shamanistic Avatar's of nature. They are brothers and sisters to both creation and destruction, and attempt to embody nature as well as they can. Or they're supposed to, at least. A druid CAN stray from the path, but if they do so, there's no telling what nature will use as punishment. The Absolute No Breaky Breaky rules are below.
Druids cannot use any metal forged by any race. They can, however, use magically created blades, but only if the blade was made with nature based magic.
Druids get a whopping 5 to their Magic, but cannot cast spells. Instead, they have a number of abilities.
Only one ability may be used per turn. Druidic abilities tend to be slower than spells, and they are the only class with Casting times. Casting times include both starting and ending post.

Druids may have an animal companion. Nothing larger than a medium sized dog.

Natural Divination: Druids may commune with nature, learning secrets up to [magiclevel] hours forwards or backwards in time. Casting time: 30 minutes for each secret. A druid cannot learn more secrets than their level.
Magma: Druids may call magma from the earth, causing it to burn their foes. The magma deals damage to each enemy equal to the druid's Magic. It lasts for 2 level turns. Casting time: 2 turns, if the druid doesn't mind burning their friends. Three if they do.
Spring: Druids can call water from the earth as well, creating a spring of perfectly pure water. The water can heal up to the druid's magic level in health per turn. It can also restore an equal amount of mana for non druids, unless they are divine casters. In which case, nature doesn't care about them one bit and they get half healing. Casting time: 1 round.
Sprout: Druids can imbue the power of life into the earth, causing even the most barren land to grow sprouts. If used on an enemy, the plants attempt to grab them. If the enemy's speed level is equal to, or higher than the druid's magic level, nothing happens. If not, then they are held for [Druid level magic]-[enemy level magic] turns. Casting time: 2 turns. Can be extended to add one to [druid level magic]. Each extension is another 2 turns.
Storm: Druids can call down storms of lighting. The lighting strikes each opponent once, a different target each turn. The enemy struck is chosen by the druid. Each strike deals [Magic * 2] damage. Casting time: 2 number of enemies struck. The enemies are struck during the spell. Afterwards, the storm lasts two hours.
[1: spell is started.]
[2: first of two is struck.]
[3: second of two is struck.]
[4: spell is ended.]
[2 hours later: storm can be called again.]
Raise: Druids can make the earth rise into the air. Area raised is equal to the druid's magic in feet, centered on the druid. The raised earth can be moved at a rate of [magic] feet per round. Other abilities cannot be used while moving the earth. Casting time: [level] 1 rounds.

Class: Mage
The mage is a caster of magic of all kinds. He can cast fireballs, lightning blasts, or healing rays.
Mages can use daggers, rods, or staffs.

Mages can cast spells by making them, using basic effects to create complicated spells.

Effect area types:
Area effect: 1 point per ten feet affected.
Range: 1 point per 15 feet. First point gives 25 instead.
Ray: 2 points per 5 feet of width.
Touch: Gives 1 extra point.

Damage types:
Fire/Ice/Crushing/Piercing/Slashing/Electric/etc: 1 point per five points of damage.
Lasting: 2 points per extra round of damage. Damage is halved if you use Lasting.
Spreading: 2 points per 10 percent chance. use a d100 to determine chance of Spreading.
Withering: 2 points per point of unhealable damage. damage is healable again if it is not reapplied within an hour.

Blessing types:
Healing: 2 point per five points of health.
Attack: 2 points per 1 attack.
Defense: 2 points per 1 defense.
Speed: 2 points per 1 speed.
Magic: 2 points per 1 magic.
Shield: 2 points per 3 points of damage prevented.

Cursing types:
Attack: 2 points per -1 attack.
Defense: 2 points per -1 defense.
Speed: 2 points per -1 speed.
Magic: 2 points per -1 magic.
Blinding: 2 points to blind the target. Roll a d20. target is 10 target's speed-your magic.
Paralyzing: 2 points to paralyze the target. Roll a d20. target is 10 target's defense or attack, whichever is higher-your magic.
Charming: 2 points to charm the target. Roll a d20. target is 10 target's magic-your magic. Charmed targets tend to do what the caster says.

Target/Hit types:
Chaining: 2 points per extra target.
Ethereal: 2 points to ignore Defense and use foe Speed instead.
Tangible: 2 points to ignore Defense and use foe Attack instead.
Mystic: 2 points to ignore Defense and use foe Magic instead.
Tracking: 2 points to make dodging impossible.

Other effect types:
Raise dead: 3 points base. 4 more points per level above caster that can be raised.
Doubling: 5 points to be able to cast another spell in the same turn.
Teleport: 1 point per 15 feet.
Repel: 1 point per 5 feet pushed.
Move: 2 points per 15 feet moved.

Mages get [level magic] Focus points. They can spend them however they like for each spell. So a level one mage with a bonus of 3 would have 6 points, and thus could make 6 point spells. Each mage gets one signature spell. Once the signature spell has been chosen, they may not remove effects from it, but they can add them. the signature spell get's three more points.

(List is not all of the effects, but you get the point.)
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Races and Classes
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