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 As you can tell...

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PostSubject: As you can tell...   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:16 am

Recently, I've been working on making my forum easier to navigate. Yes, I intend to do more. Yes, I hope on perhaps ending the main story of War Torn soon, but I don't intend to delete it. Also, I'm going to be putting the leader of Tanat up for grabs soon, since Jaime never logs on anymore. I chose who gets it, so if you want it, better hurry to get it. Also, there WILL be alternate endings to War torn, but they will all have and epilogue. Don't worry, I won't do a Nova. Wink Also, I will be temporally closing some of the RPs soon, so you need to let let me know what your least favorite is. I'm gonna make a poll for that soon.
I think I a addressed everything....
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As you can tell...
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