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 Your people.

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Bastard Co-Admin From Hell
Bastard Co-Admin From Hell

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PostSubject: Your people.   Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:23 am

Okay. You're character is either one of three Fallen Angels, or one of three special Angels. You lead a team of six. The demons get to lead the usual demonic ensemble. The Imp, whose ability to turn to smoke, and truly teleport anywhere is infinitely useful. The demon, whose brute strength, ability to convert said strength to business skills, and near infinite knowledge of trickery and deceit is bound to be needed. The devil, the master of disguise, and your most dedicated, if expensive lawyer. And everybody should know this one, the vampire! He's your bureaucrat, your politician, and if needed, the best damn bodyguard to walk most any earth. Then you've got the much loved Succubus, need I say more? And last but definitely not least in any way, the Damned! This guy is a genius, best of the damned souls in Hell that could be found, and he's essential for working with Hell's hellish computers. Then on the side of Heaven, we're starting with you're basic Avenging Angel, you should know this one, I mean, really. Then there's an Angel known for their protection, the Guardian Angel! Then we have, of all things, a lawyer Angel. Yep. I know, scary, right? Next, we have a "Pure soul" if such a thing exists. Next, a monk, monks are very useful. Swiss army monk! Yeah, I know, I'm crazy. And, finally, you have Heaven's finest computer techies, be very careful not to mix them with any form of opposite gender techies, or you'll lose him.
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Your people.
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