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 Shali- A few hundred years after war torn.

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PostSubject: Shali- A few hundred years after war torn.   Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:39 am

Name: Shali Wood
Gender: Female /Age: LOOKS 18
Species: Fallen Angle Neko
Hair: long, brown /Eyes: Bloodred
Height: 5'0"
Build: Athletic
Other: She seems younger then she is, but keeps to herself mostly. She keeps many secrets, and may or may not explain them.

Basic Info: Shali was orphaned at birth, her father having died in the war and her mother dying giving birth. She raised herself, helped along by other street rats, and learned the skills of a thief. She doesn't mind hammering on those who are insulting and/or stupid. She can't STAND stupidity. She was a demon servant, still is, but also answers to Lucifer.

Powers/Abilities: Jumps twice as high as normal people, is nearly twice as fast as normal people,sees a bit better than cats in the dark,escape artist,Shadow entangle, massive shadow entangle, which is the same only uses all shadows in a 1 mile radius. Basic demon powers

Weapons/Equipment: Twelve enchanted daggers that come back to her, kinda like boomerangs, and her robes.She also has some lock picks and a metal mosquito that does her spying for her.(She see's what it sees, so it's usually off) A couple of guns.
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Shali- A few hundred years after war torn.
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