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 What's going on.

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Bastard Co-Admin From Hell

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PostSubject: What's going on.   Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:00 am

A few hundred years after the Tanat and Natan wars, the land has risen, and now covers 50% of the globe. They have come to vaguely modern day, and the religions have calmed, giving to rise of a religion much like Christianity. Now, both God, and Lucifer have become bored, and god has actually recieved a request for action. Now, in his mind he's losing, so he stirs it up a little. He's allowed Lucifer to bring in a total of 21 of his creatures. He has sent in his own. Now here are the rules:
The Unchained denizens of Hell may not:
* harm, or pay for the harm, of a human, or hybrid human.
* have children with a human, willing or not.
* steal by demonic means.
* cause any form of disease or plague, nor act as agent through which a disease or plague may act.
* impersonate any agent of God.
* cause any virgin births.
The Unchained denizens of Hell may:
* lie, tempt, deceive, mislead and other wise carry out the usual agenda of Hell.
* impersonate human beings if that is within their nature.
* own property, become citizens, hold offices, own and run legal businesses, marry humans and human hybrids- as long as said being is apprised of the unchained's true nature beforehand and no intimidation is used- and in other ways attempt to achieve a normal life on the earth.
* enter a binding contract with a human under one of these two conditions:
a* The human/human hybrid must be apprised of the nature of the contract and the nature of all beings involved in the contract, or
b* The human/human hybrid must sign the contract in their own blood.
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What's going on.
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