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 A bit of info.

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PostSubject: A bit of info.   Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:35 am

Firstly, vampires. There are two kinds of vampire, the Quetz kind, and the Hellformed. The Hellformed are less dangerous, and only come from hell. They're your generic vampire, fangs, sunlight pain, holy fears, and so on. The Quetz appeared during the last battle of Natan and Tanat. These are physicly strong enough to lift about 10 dragons, faster than the Gruagach, fairly smart, and worst of all, they can hit even nonphysical beings. As you can guess, these are rare, but only one has actually been killed, and that was in the before-mentioned battle. They have less damage from light, and only are harmed by Holy light. Most holy symbols will not harm them, but can usually repel them. The only known thing that has a chance of hurting them is the acid from a Gruagach. Gruagach's are actually accepted intelligent beings, as well. The Quetz are also easy to spot on the ground, due to their rotten flesh. They have no scent, and are incredible climbers.

Next, the Rares. These are a few extraordinary beings. They rule the nations that surround Natanat (Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Wink ) . The first. He is known only for the fact that the only time a Quetz tried to attack him, he threw it all the way around the world... Literally. He obviously has tremendous strength, but none else is known about him. The second. A girl, with small, cut ponytails all over her head, and a large one in back. She has been known to simply disappear, melting into the shadows, and appear in another shadow anywhere. Her voice is hypnotic, and can cause even an Angel to stagger, the denizens of hell even easier.The third. Another girl, with long, red hair, and a fiery disposition. Nicknamed Hell Hath No Wrath, she burns all in her path... Simply by wanting it to, she doesn't even have to see it. The fourth. A 7 year old girl. Doesn't sound like much, right? Wrong. This little girl is one of the worst, able to simply desire something, and it happens, not to the extent of perfect domination, but, in time... She's also adorable, so killing her would be hard. The fifth. A man. A small, Chinese looking man. A small, Chinese looking man who can throw superfine needles through the tips of his fingers. And last but not least, a girl who can teleport, throw lightning, use the cloud of death ability at will, and is a direct descendant of Kallista.
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A bit of info.
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