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 Additional Rules:

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PostSubject: Additional Rules:   Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:57 pm

Alright since I've been called in to Mod, I'm adding a little more depth to the RP:
That includes extra features, (YAY!) such as Quidditch and all of it's events and characters, The Tri Wizard-Cup, the village, and of course House Points. Not to mention awesome quests.

I'm not a Hary Potter Genius or anything, though I'll work anything I need to know off
the Harry Potter Wiki.

Now, for those new event rules rules: (Awww!))


1. NPC interaction: (I haven't thought this one through. Maybe, maybe not)
2. Classes: Must be attended, though if it becomes too repetitive, time-skips work.

1. Playing is optional, though players who do so will have the advantage of having a broom. You are and must be assigned to the team of your house.

2. I absolutely forbid Godmodding here. At first, most people will need experience and training to get the Golden Snitch on the get-go, and when you get hit hard, it's always gonna leave a mark. Nobody starts out with an awesome broom, except Malfoy and DA MOD. (Well, maybe I sort of "bent" my own rule there... >.>))

Tri-Wizard Cup:

1. Seniors are only allowed to partake in this normally, though I will of course allow players to do it one way or another. Accepting and not accepting the plot option to join the cup will be up to the player

2. Like in Quidditch, you CAN very well get hurt from one of the events, and may have to be disqualified and go to the Medical ward.

((More to come, when more of my brain starts to function.))

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Additional Rules:
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