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 H.R.R. Book 1: The Beginning - Chapter 13

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PostSubject: H.R.R. Book 1: The Beginning - Chapter 13   Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:29 am

Chapter Thirteen: Humanity’s Requiem and Redemption

As we drove down the road, being followed by the girl named Rachel in the Bronco, Sean explained the situation. “We’re the anti-apocalypse organization Humanity’s Requiem and Redemption,” Sean said.
“Anti-apocalypse organization? Are there more or something?” I asked annoyed.
“Maybe, we’re unsure,” the spaz answered. He was currently wrapping up my leg.
“So, how long has this been going on anyays?” I asked.
“About a month,” Sean answered flatly.
“WHAT?!” I questioned frantically.
“Yeah, the government does a good job of keeping this kind of **** from the people doesn’t it?” The spaz said “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Roach, the explosives expert. That’s Slugger,” he said, pointing to the big guy “The heavy fire and munitions guy, and you’ve met Sean. The girl in the other car is Rachel, and she’s…well, she’s just awesome. Doesn’t talk much though.”
“That’s great,” I said coldly.
“And, you’re Nicodemus, right?” Roach asked.
“Yes, I’m Nick Nova,” I answered, actually surprised he remembered my real first name.
“Can I call you Nick, or maybe Nova for short?” He asked.
“Sure, it’s fine,” I answered.
“Cool. My name’s actually Henry Ostale, but they all call me Roach, ‘cuz I blew up a whole ****-load of zombies, and survived the explosion,” he explained.
“I thought it was because you’re a pest,” I asked coldly. He laughed, obviously thinking it as a joke or something. “So…I’m your little groups new recruit than?” I asked.
“Yep!” Roach answered. “Quick question, though.”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Did you really kill all those zombies with a knife and sword?” He asked. “Actually, I noticed some were taken out with your bombs, which weren’t bad for make-shifts if I do say so myself, but you took out like five with a hunting knife.”
“Yeah, I took out all the cut up ones with the knife. The sword was too awkward to work with,” I answered.
“Really?” Sean asked curiously. “With a missing leg?”
“Yeah…I was out of ammo,” I answered. They all laughed, thinking I was making some joke. I wasn’t.
“If you’re telling the truth, which I believe you, you’re better than Rachel,” Slugger commented.
“Thanks?” I responded. I had no idea what skill Rachel had, so the comparison wasn’t clear.
“Wait! Are you the one who killed all the stomped ones too?” Roach asked.
“Yeah, zombie stomping has become my new hobby,” I said. I was making a joke now, but none of them laughed. I continued “But, I had two legs then.” They all laughed at that.
“You definitely have what it takes to be our melee expert,” Sean commented.
“Definitely,” Roach agreed. “Oh, and I like the get up too. Going for a Neo look or something? That’s a really cool coat. Where’d ya get it? Say, can ya get me a pair of boots like that too? How’d you lose your leg? When…” Roach rambled. I drifted off as the barrage continued, not bothering to answer any questions. Sean noticed my “not-all-there: state, and suggested I take a nap.
“When you wake up, we’ll get you a new leg,” Sean finished.
“Yeah…thanks,” I mumbled.
“No problem for our newest family member!” Roach proclaimed.
“NO!” I perked up immediately. “I will be part of your little team, but we are not family. Not now, not ever,” I said coldly. The RV grew silent, and I fell asleep. Form that point on, things were never the same.

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H.R.R. Book 1: The Beginning - Chapter 13
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