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 Lesna Vera Sorr, Shapeshifter.

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PostSubject: Lesna Vera Sorr, Shapeshifter.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:58 am

Character name: Lesna Vera Sorr
Race: Human shapeshifter.
Job before the ship: None.
Age: 19.
Gender: Female, usually.
Traits: Friendly when she likes you, sneaky when she wants to be, and very helpful.
Hates: Doctors, they remind her of the experiments.
Fears: Fire, hot metal, and anything to do with ostriches. Yes, ostriches.
Bio: Lesna was trained in stealth by a secret society bent on world domination, you know, the usual group of crazies. She was experimented on from the age of ten, and was given the experimental shapeshifting tech at 17. Unfortunately for the crazies, she was good with it, too good. The group is now dead, even though they managed to capture her once, which is where her scar came from. The second picture is of her male form, which she uses to confuse people. She finally finished hunting them just before she was taken to the ship.

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Lesna Vera Sorr, Shapeshifter.
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