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 Human VooDoo Doll-Vulnero

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PostSubject: Human VooDoo Doll-Vulnero   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:28 am

Picture: [Not yet...drawing one]
Name: Vulnero (Pseudonym, of course. Latin for hurt/pain)
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Species: Human
Hair: Buzz Cut, Red (not natural)
Eyes: Red, from constant damage and blood
Height: 5'10" Standing/ 5'1" Slouching
Other: Scars, cuts, scrapes, bruises, stitches, and covered in other marks as such. "Joker" smile

Basic Info: Vulnero is a genius, with an IQ of 187, and an expert understanding of human anatomy and such medical subjects. Too bad he's freakin crazy and into extreme masochism (not sexually, see bottom definition) and loves nothing more than to hurt others as well. He's mastered not ignoring pain, but embracing it, feeling it is life's only true way to enlightenment and joy. He slouches a lot and, unfortunate for others, he's a human voodoo doll.

Powers/Abilities: Vulnero is a human voodoo doll. He has the special ability to "link" with others, and make them feel what he feels. This is unfortunate, seeing as he loves pain, while most don't. Besides allowing others to hurt him for the effect, he is also notorious for hurting himself in battle, for fun. This link only works one way, meaning his victim feels his pain, but he won't feel their individual pain (he can hit you, and not feel it). Also, the link only lasts a few hundred yards, and then it can be broken. More specifically, regardless the victim's defensive tactics, they will still feel the pain. The more victims he has at once, the slight less each feels, but vital shots can still be fatal to all victims, seeing as though they do not actually get stabbed or shot in the vital, they still feel the immense pain, and their bodies will go into shock or even spasms until death. Also, if Vulnero loses a limb, the foe will obviously not lose the same limb, but instead feel the pain at the severance point, and lose function of that part until they break the link. This ultimate defense makes up for Vulnero's horrible offensive capabilities, seeing as he is only human, and has no other powers.

Weapons/Equipment: Vulbero has a full arsenal of small sharp weapons, from razor blades, to "ninja spikes", to needles, to small knives, and he even carries razor and barb wire. Too bad he usually uses it on himself intead of his foes. It is not uncommon to see him with barbed wire wrapped around himself, or a needle...or five, sticking out of him, so when he makes the link, the foe automatically feels that. He also uses a long barbed chain, with a rusty gnarled ball of iron barbs at the end, like a flail, while he holds the chain (you get smacked and hurt hands!). His final piece of equipment and prized possession is his needled armor, a chain mail like material vest he wears, which has spikes and needles on both sides to allow, as expected, himself to feel pain as well as any foe who tries to near him.

((Masochism (N): gratification gained from pain, deprivation, degradation, etc., inflicted or imposed on oneself, either as a result of one's own actions or the actions of others, esp. the tendency to seek this form of gratification.))
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Human VooDoo Doll-Vulnero
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