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 Vareshen, Vampire Lord

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PostSubject: Vareshen, Vampire Lord   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:27 am

Character name: Varashen
Race: Vampire
Job before the ship: Marine
Age: Over 9000
Gender: Male
Traits: Positive additude
Hates: Life, Vampire hunters, humans
Fears: Going to Church
Bio:He was an orphan at birth. His parents abandond him as if he were trash. He then from that day forward hated humans although he was one himself. But one day in the forest he came across a wolf, a dire wolf, he fought hard but it bit him and turning out it was a vampire decendant and turned him into one their kind. He immediatly took a liking to the wolf and tamed it. It now serves as his faithful compainion.

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Vareshen, Vampire Lord
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