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 Info on the winter event

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PostSubject: Info on the winter event   Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:12 am

This rp is only going to be open during the winter months, and you only can have one character in it, that must be from one of the other rp's.

If you've played Overlord 2, the town looks suspiciously like Nodberg. If you haven't... Find a screenshot of the town to explain it. At every edge of the town is a mile wide, bottemless pit preventing you from leaving. You can't fly out, because something teleports you to the ground. You can't teleport out, because when you attempt to do that, you end up where you where. Any godlike powers are disabled inside the town. The town is empty- except for the little minions that are running around. I kid you not, there are in fact, minions.

At the end of the event, the characters will be released from the town and this rp will be locked. Until then, I'm hoping this will get activity back up.

The make a character in this rp, just copy paste their char sheet over to here. We're using a character already made, remember. The only thing I want you to add is
From: and after the from put what rp their from.

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Info on the winter event
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