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 Saf, signing in

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PostSubject: Saf, signing in   Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:02 am

Okay Travis is back and has gotten a few upgrades he is now a paradox disciple class 2

Name:Travis Tower
Gender: Male
Age: 45 ((by appearance)
Species (all that apply): Cataan
Hair: grey
Eyes: an icy blue
Height: 5'11"
Other: Paradox disciple class 2: experienced gunslinger
Basic Info: The true vision ability as well as the others the artifact had has been pushed into Travis permenently

Rifle Casting: his rifle enables him to cast spells
Demonic warding talisman ((effectiveness? yes))
True vision
superhuman dex
hyper adaptation
trick shot
Low tier paradoxial abilities
fast single handed reload ((for pistols))

Dual .50 cal revolvers((yes they've been beefed up a bit))
a lever action mystic 25mm cal rifle ((also has been beefed up a bit))((5 special rounds))
endo skeleton
systematic reinforcement
subdermal weapon mount: mass rifle ((its been beefed as well)
muscle plus
Subdermal NI jack
CF skin weave
Paradox Inc. tamper protection system class: S
Battle gauntlet: ((newer model))
Heavy maser pistol
auto flechete
grav cestus
/battle guantlet
20 mass grenades
5 tracer grenades
Stealth softsuit
ablative harness

Are you alright? Because I'm a potato.
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Saf, signing in
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