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 Trent Fomalhaut

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PostSubject: Trent Fomalhaut   Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:52 am

Name:Trent Fomalhaut

Gender:Male Age:24

Species:Half dragon, half human

Hair:Dark brown Eyes:Arctic blue, golden pupils (Dragon/hybrid form only).

Height:6'1" Weight:163lbs

Build:Thin, muscular

Basic Info:Likes the cold and catgirls. Hates the heat. Highly intelligent and uses strategy when fighting.

Powers/abilities:Can grow and put away dragon wings at will, draconian strength, flight, a skilled swordsman, can create, control and destroy ice at will. Can enter a dragon form.

Weapons/equipment:Hyouga Shimekiri (Glacier's End in english). A sword that looks like the Buster Sword except it's stronger, 1ft longer, and it's sharp edge, pommel, cross-guard, and rain guard appear to be made of ice(But aren't, it's just the materials used to forge it).

Frist Tsurugi. (NOT wrapped up like in the picture)

Modified clothes. (Shirts have diamond shaped holes in the back for the wings to come out.)
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Trent Fomalhaut
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