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 Shali-Well, DUH!

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PostSubject: Shali-Well, DUH!   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:47 am

Name: Shali Wood
Gender: Female /Age: 14
Species: Neko. Leviathan wouldn't expect any different.
Hair: Short mostly, with the sides long, blond /Eyes: Red
Height: 5'0" /Weight: NOYB
Other: She seems younger then she is, but keeps to herself mostly, and is extremely prone to mood swings. Also, she gets headaches around certain kinds of magic.

Basic Info: Shali was orphaned at birth, her father having died in a war and her mother dying giving birth. She raised herself, helped along by other street rats, and learned the skills of a thief.She dislikes fighting, and is a pacifist. You wouldn't think it to look at her, but she is. She doesn't mind hammering on those who are insulting and/or stupid. She can't STAND stupidity.

Powers/Abilities: Jumps twice as high as normal people, is nearly twice as fast as normal people,sees a bit better than cats in the dark,escape artist,Shadow entangle, massive shadow entangle, which is the same only uses all shadows in a 1 mile radius.

Weapons/Equipment: Twelve enchanted daggers that come back to her, kinda like boomerangs, and her robes.She also has some lock picks and a metal mosquito that does her spying for her.(She see's what it sees, so it's usually off)
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Shali-Well, DUH!
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