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 Chapter 2: A Visitor in the Night

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: A Visitor in the Night   Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:43 am

That morning the sun rose with a blood tint to it, Julian sighed a little because he knew exactly what the local lore taught him. When blood is spilled the sun will rise blood red and the moon will shine brighter before. He started packing up his gear putting his compass in his pocket still wearing the same black jacket. He walked over to Ashe and placed his hand on her shoulder smiling a little, “Wake up sleepy head it's dawn.” She turned her head over to him and opened her eyes with a loud yawn, the suns ray shining on her black fur kinda made it glow a little, Julian seemed to be lost within it like he was falling in love all over again. She pushed him over and laughed “Ugh waking me up this early are you? Sheesh what does a women need to do to get some beauty sleep?” Julian laughed a little and got up and wagging his tail. “ You don't need the beauty sleep your already beautiful enough any more and I may be to distracted to walk.” Her eyes widened at his comment as a blush went across her cheek she started packing her up her gear the ebony long bow with strange arrows that Julian has never seemed to see before, she also had two silver daggers on her back crossing each other looking peace tied however Julian would be surprised if they actually were.
Once they finished packing up camp Julian put out the fire using sand and woke up Carter, Carter awoke sleepy and unaware of anything that happened during the time frame. He rubbed his eyes and rolled up his sleeping bag. Julian nudged Ashe with a wink “Lets get going shall we?” She nodded and started walking down the same dirt path the led to there uncles house. It took them about an hour to reach the tower like Julian though it would. Ravens circled it waiting to get messages to send it looked old with gray stone, just like any other castle. It was pretty bland however that's what his uncle liked. Bland and to the point. Not many people knew he was an engineer. He did a lot of his experiments and testing in the basement. He always had a lab coat on and his glasses made him look like poindexter. The memories made Julian laugh, once he saw the black flag with the sword on it he smiled seeing as they were at there new home. Well almost new home as long as there uncle agreed to let them stay. Carter looked a bit nervous which he had every right to be. Uncle was a lot more strict when it came to training that there father.
When they got up to the great wooden doors Julian looked to Ashe and then to Carter and said. “We ready?” They both nodded in agreement and pushed the doors open. One of the servents walked up to greet them, she was a younger looking women brown hair with brown eyes wearing thick glasses. She didn't seem to be a lycan or a Ranu because she had none of the tells. She looked a little nerdy, Julian looked to her and said. “I'm guessing your one of Arzo's book worms eh?” She let out a cute little giggle and nodded. “Yes I come from the university of Alexandria. He hired me to look over his research and help him with other things as well.” Julian laughed a little and nodded and said. “Where is that old bad? Were his nephews and this is our friend Ashe, we have come to bring disturbing news.. Yes it's urgent.” With Arzo you would always have to say it's urgent otherwise you won't get anything done for the next twenty five hours.. He was always caught up in some project here and there. Julian sat down in the stone benches and shivered from the cold looking to Ashe with a frown. “God damnit he really needs more comfy seating.” She laughed and sat down next to him. Carter waited patiently by the door for his uncle to show up thinking to himself wondering how the training is going to be.
After about a half an hour of waiting you could hear Arzos voice coming up from the stares “I don't see what's so damn important to be bothering me with my work and Julian? This better not be a joke or your FIRED!” He came into view and and then saw us, a smile immediately went across his lips and ran at Julian giving him a big hug then to Carter as well. “Ah my boys it's so glad to see you! Who's the lovely lady over here?” He looked to Ashe with an little smile. Julian laughed a little hugging his uncle back and said. “Well uncle this is Ashe and unfortunately I have grim news to share with you. Your brother is dead. Father along with the rest of the pack. Even mom and my mate all died with..” Sadness filled Julian's voice trying not to cry in front of Ashe, Arzo would place his hand on Julian's shoulder and say. “I know.. I'm already aware of my brothers passing. Hes family and we seem to have a knack for knowing when each other is in trouble. If I may ask what exactly happened Julian?” Julian looked to his uncle knowing hes the one that originally made the vault however he did warn them it wouldn't last forever. He sighed a little bit and said. “The vault broke, Telestil is free along with the army of wraith's that was locked away within it. There's nothing much that can be done until Carter finishes his training. After all hes the only one that was able to withstand Telestil's grip.” Arzo nodded looking to Julian taking in a deep breath. “Yeah I will have to finish the boys training! Good thing we have new equipment now eh?” Julian tilted his head confused a little bit then laughed remembering his own training. It seemed so long ago even though it was a mere hundred years ago. “Yeah that is true Arzo however you may want to comfort Carter a little bit. After all hes just a pup.” Arzo laughed and nodded to Julian then looked over to Carter walking up to him and kneeling down. His lab coat slumped over his knees and his glasses nearly touching Carters face. Arzo had the same blue eyes as the rest of the males in his family his hair was long and black and his tail was black as well unlike him and Julian who's fur was white. “You know if your going to be living in my house, you follow my rules do you understand that Carter?” Carter nodded and smiled wagging his tail a little. “Yes uncle I understand.” Julian got up and put his swung his towel over his shoulder. “Good we start your training tomorrow.” With that Arzo walked away going back to his lab whistling a happy song.
The servant looked to everyone and said “Alright let me get you guys to your new rooms! I'll get you three unless the two older ones are a couple?” Ashe blushed and shook her head a little her tail going to her waist. “No no I'll have my own room thank you.” The servant giggled a little and poked her tongue at Ashe “I almost forgot to tell you, my name is Renee! I'll be your guys little helper to say in the least. Especially you Carter. I'll be giving you the books you will be needing to study on magic and stuff like that.” She would make weird hand signs to describe magic like it was something completely knew to her. Didn't know if she was serious or simply a bouncy personality. She brought them up to three rooms that were lined in a row and smiled putting her hands on her knees. “I'll let you guys get situated.” She gave a playful wink and ran off. Julian laughed a little looking to Ashe and then Carter. “Is it just me or does she have a thing for Carter over here? That wink seemed to be directed at him.” Carter blushed and ran into his room putting his pack on the bed. There was a double sized bed with a wooden dresser that seemed to be made out of cherry. The room also had a nightstand with the same wood type with a lamp in on it. Arzo always liked the humans technology simply because it made life easier for everyone he even started experimenting with it on his own to try and learn how they create such wonderful technology if you ask him that is. Carter would flop back on the bed to notice a few paintings on the wall. One of his father Bridgestone and the other of Osiris the god of life death and eternity. He knew that's who his family followed as Ranu and what he was going to be trained.
After everyone finished packing Renee showed up in Carters room to drop about ten books off for him and gave him a smile leaning on the door. “Your going to have to study a lot, I expect all As from you mister. If you need any help with your home work just ask me. Arzo should be training you on melee and combat tomorrow. Dinner will be at six so you have twenty minutes. So get into something a bit more fancy, Arzo likes to pretend hes fancy with the castle guests and all. I guess hes having humans over from Milegen.” Carter nodded and smiled getting up from off his bed placing the books on the cherry book shelf, one book in particular caught his eye. Healing and the world of resurrection. He thought if he could get powerful enough he just might be able to bring his mom and dad back. Looked to Renee and said. “Okay Renee I'll get into something nice, thank you for the help.” She nodded and walked back out the door. Carter looked into the closet for something nice to wear it seemed to magically bring clothes that fit him and he tilted his head not use to this kind of luxury. Carter looked through the clothes finding a velvet vest and smiled at it, it had that new clean smell with a soft touch it looked very intriguing. He decided to take off his old clothes and put them on. He chose black silk pants so he looked like he was almost wearing a suit without the tie. He chuckled a little looking in the mirror thinking of how rediculas he looked however it's what his uncle liked so he would follow the rules like he promised.
Once Carter finished getting ready he walked down to the dining area. Candles were lit along the table which was surprising because Arzo usually like using human electricity however whatever suited him best for this occasion I guess. He would sit down by Julian thinking to himself, i'm kinda worried about tomorrow I really don't want to have to be trained to kill but it looks like I don't have a choice, I mean father was killed. I could avenged his death. In mid thought Julian nudged Carter and chuckled and said. “What you thinking about there kid? You know your looking quite spiffy I think you might impress Renee yet” He gave Carter a playful wink and laughed a bit. Carter would blush in embarrassment and say, “Shut up Julian I know you like Ashe” Julian blinked a bit at her name and started playing with his cup a little bit wagging his tail a bit uncontrollably wanting it to stop. “No clue what your talking about little bro!” Carter giggled as he saw his uncle come up from the basement not in his lab coat for once, his jaw dropped seeing that he was in fancy clothes as well. Carter thought to himself, Well I guess it makes since if hes going to have us do so he might as well follow the same rules. Arzo would walk in and sit at the head of the table and say. “Alright our guests will be here any moment you three, there ambassadors and are going to be discussing trade of some powerful technology. I know you guys don't know much about this stuff so just try to behave and eat your food properly got it?” Julian and Carter would both nod. At the corner of Julian's eye he noticed something that caught his attention right away Ashe coming in with a beautiful black silk dress. His jaw dropped immediately almost like it was going to go through the floor and his eyes fixed on hers. She let out a little giggle and sat down by Julian placing her hand on his chin to move it back up to his normal position. “Oh come on now you couldn't be more obvious there Julian.” He would grumble seeing Carter giggle a little and gave him a glare of doom, at least that's what Carter called it same with his father. Him and Julian were far to alike it was almost scary. The dining room had majestic paintings that weren't there before and was all fancied up which isn't like Arzo at all. I guess when it comes to gaining new technology he can make accommodations.
After about twenty minutes the guests showed up. They looked like they were twins both black hair and about the same height, I would have to say five foot three inches. Kinda short but not like humans can shift like us. Arzo would greet them warmly shaking there hands and sending them to the seats next to him. “Welcome to my home, i'm glad you could make it, this is my family Julian and Carter and that's there lovely friend Ashe. They have recently moved in with me.” The two humans smiled at us and waved, the male said. “My name is Tim and this is my sister Magie. We have traveled quite the way and am quite honored to be staying in such a historic castle.” Something about the mans voice didn't seem quite right, he seemed a little bit shaky almost like he was afraid of something and he kept on fiddling with things in his pockets. The women placed her hand on his shoulder rubbing it lightly almost like she knew he was uncomfortable and trying to help him. Carter decided to keep his mouth shut and play with his fork a little bit. Arzo would sit down and clap his hands and say. “Let the feats begin.” Food magically appears on the table, there was turkey ham steak and potatoes with home made bread that smelt like it was fresh out of heaven. The aroma of the food was heavenly, Julian automatically filled his plate and started eating trying not to eat to fast because he told his uncle he would act like he had proper etiquette around the humans. I filled my plate up next almost cutting some with my claw like I'm use to however decided to sue my silver ware instead. The food tasted heavenly as well the meat was tender and the potatoes were garlicky just how I liked it. I didn't pay much attention to Arzo's and the humans discussions because I knew nothing on the matter of technology. Maybe I would ask him that later. Ashe seemed to stuff her face full unlike normal even, usually she made excuses about her weight or she just simply wasn't hungry but this time she held nothing back and ate a bunch of food.
After dinner we got up from our seats and started to head back up to are rooms when I over heard Arzo talking to the man named Tim. “What do you wish in return for these nanites my friend?” The weird looking man placed a vile in Arzos hand that appeared to have a silver liquid within it and looked Arzo in the eye and said. “Only that you don't use the technology against Miligan in anyway. We like to spread our knowledge across the world to anyone that is willing to accept the terms and conditions. We simply don't want to be attacked. We are the worlds largest research and development facility and wouldn't see the reason for anyone to attack us but you can't be to careful, isn't that right dear?” He turned to Magie and she simply nodded her hand still on the mans shoulders seeming to be a little afraid herself now. “Arzo nodded back in respect and said. “Very well, I have no need to attack any such place. I believe we could be good friends by working together on research. Maybe we can have a joint effort on creating something amazing someday. I would love that opportunity.” Tim smiled happily and said. “That would be most excellent my friend, we will discuss it with our superiors when we get back to Miligen.” Arzo chuckled in amusement and shook Tim's hand on the matter, to my surprize I saw a bond go through a white light coming from the humans hand to Arzo's almost like it was a seal of agreement so that he would be bound to follow the terms and conditions that they agreed upon. Arzo didn't seemed to be bothered by it and had Renee take them to a room. She would do so and Arzo would start walking my way. I slipped up the stairs quietly and began heading toward my room. I would go to my bed and lay down to go to sleep feeling exhausted from all the days of travel and the sights I witnessed with the fire wraith's. I close my eyes and start to drift asleep nice and relaxed.
At about midnight something seemed to catch my attention, I would up from my deep sleep seeming to be wide awake. A tingling feeling going down my spine like something was wrong. I quickly jumped out of bed to look out the window. Nothing seemed to be out of order, it was just dark the towers were lit by the guards that guarded them and the ravens seemed to be taking a nap unlike earlier. However after a moment of looking outside I caught a strange scent, it was horrible and made my nose cringe it only reminded me of the fire wraiths that night. Sulfur. I walked out of my room and looked down the corridor to see nothing but black. The candles seemed to be burnt out and all was still. I started shaking a little my white fur seeming to stick up from the smell and sensation I was feeling. I started to walk down the corridor no matter how much my gut told me not to only to stop dead in my tracks at the sound of whispers. It was so feint I was unable to get most of it all's I heard was, “Come here.” It was long and drowned out as well almost like the being was having a hard time even communicating to him. I continued walking to where the whisper was coming from my night vision starting to kick in so I can see clearly. I walked out to the balcony and to my surprise saw a black figured being posted on the side rail. It looked to me with a grim expression and gave a sinister smile. I was so afraid I couldn't even run away like I wanted too. All my body was trying to get me to however I couldn't, I seemed frozen in place. The creature said with a shaky voice. “Carter, it's a pleasure to finally meet a boy like you.” I would say with a trembling voice. “Who are you and what do you want? How did you get through the wards?” The creature chuckled lightly wings spreading out almost five feet in length all black nothing about him was any other color he simply said. “I'm not a demon boy, I come from the gates of eternity bearing a message to you. Osiris wants me to tell you your fate and what you have been placed in this world to do.” I tilted my head a little bit unsure how to answer and simply walked up to him due to Osiris being my domain god my tattoos would have shined if it were lying. “Very well if Osirs wishes I will comply.” The crow looking being wrapped it's wings around me and we disappeared into a black goop of liquid going into the ground.
When my vision started to come to me again I noticed that we were in what appeared to be a different world all together. There were gigantic statues of the five maidens one for each corner of the universe and a gigantic golden spiral of energy in the middle. My mouth dropped in awe not having saw anything this beautiful. Everything was made from marble and a gold looking material. I think dad called it Orchilcum. I walked behind the crow watching the sights, it seemed that we were looking down at the entire universe. I could see the stars and different planets one in particular that was my home. I smiled in amazement unable to speak at all from the view. The crow looked to me and said “This is the Gates of Eternity, this is where you will see your destiny and all will be clear on what you must do.” My eyes widened at that name. I've only herd of the place in stories that my dad told me for bed time stories. I would keep on following the crow watching the stars shift and turn with the stairways going to different sections of the world. We seemed to be the only ones here. I would look to the crow and say, “This place is amazing, I never thought I would actually be able to set food in it.” The crow chuckled and flapped his wings a little bit and said, “Yes this is defiantly Hofestis's best work. Now when you get into the gates you will have no option on turning back, it will show you what is to unfold and you will simply have to watch and see are we clear?” I nodded in understanding to the crow and kept on following up a set of golden stairs. My eyes still watching the golden swirl of energy in the middle just completely baffled by it. As we got closer I could feel the energy going through my body and down my spine almost like it was reading what I was. After awhile it stopped tingling and I giggled a little bit at the sensation and continued walking. I saw a shooting star come just beneath us, I felt like a god being here. There's just no words to describe the feeling.
Once we made our way to the middle the crow stopped and said, “When you enter there is no turning back are you ready little one?” I nodded to the crow unsure why I was doing so I just felt compelled too. A strange gut feeling that just wanted me to go in like I was suppose to. Father always told me to follow my gut I remember it in my head all to well. I walked into the swirling gold slowly a bit shaky at first, I couldn't really smell anything, it was strange. My fur seemed to be engulfed by the gold as well turning it into the same color the closer I got. I looked back to the crow a bit anxious and he acted like he was scooting me in from afar urging me to go ahead. I took a deep breath and walked in.
As the shroud of gold surrounded me I felt my body seem to be separated from my soul and go into an almost new world I couldn't even dream of. My jaw dropped at its beauty the creatures seemed so elegant and glorious. A large majestic eagle flew above me about five times the size of a normal one. A herd of elephants walking in the meadows also seemed to be bigger. There was a twisting nether of energy going through the middle making a path it seem to intertwine. I would keep walking forward my eyes on the dragonflies flying around the brush and other bigger insects none seeming to be harmful and passive. It almost seemed like this was a paradise. A old man with an oak wood staff stood by the bush and caught my eye. His hair was silky silver and his eyes were green. He wore a brown robe with a pale green belt almost the colors of Gaia. I trotted off to go talk to him to see where I ended up. I looked to the old man and said. “What is this place? It's quite amazing.” The old man looked to me with his earthy green eyes and said. “ Your in the gates of eternity, this is what you would consider your paradise. I'm hear to tell you your destiny Carter.” I blinked a little and nodded seeing as that's what the crow had told me, however I nodded to the old man and said. “Alright what do I have to do?” He put his hand on my shoulder and pointed down the road and said, “Just walk Carter and your destiny will be shown to you.” So that's what I did.
I walked down the twisting path of nether where the old man told me to go wondering who exactly he was. I thought it was a bit rude to not introduce yourself first however I guess not all of heaven has to obey said rules of man. After awhile of walking I would stumble across an area that seemed to catch my attention. It was a large grassy area with no trees unlike the rest of the path. I watched it closely and saw it start to twist into a strange image. First blackness started to appear instead of the green grassy fields and then a winged black being with scales lining his body appeared. It seemed that the creature was bound in chains looking sinister, they were gold with occult runes placed all over them. They could have been the material my father mentioned as orchilcum. I knew they used it to bind creatures of darkness so who was this exactly? I decided to watch more out of curiosity and the image shifted again. It appeared that one of the chains broke with a flash a light and then it started having a domino effect. After each chain broke a spiral of black energy flowed out of the area engulfing it with black flame. The demon looking creature walked out and started burning the areas around him as well. He stretched his arms like he has been trapped there for a very long time and started walking my way. I blinked a little a bit scared from all this then, the image changed completely. It was a global picture of our wonderful planet, it appeared that a lot of continents were glowing with a bright ember. It shifted down to the land view and I realized it was fire with this demon causing it. He was powerful wiping out armies with a single slice of his blade and calling down the wrath of the gods it seemed with black void like energy. Even the mage's of the world didn't stand much of a chance.
After it showed the six empires of the world burning and everyone was bowing down to there new king the demon thing yelling. “Hades, Hades, Hades” in a chanting language. After that disturbing image it disappeared and the old man stood in the clearing walking closer using his staff as a walking stick. He walked up to me and said, “That is what your going to have to face my child, your going to have to face Hades. It's inevitable he will break his chains. We can keep him from doing so for a certain amount of time but this is your destiny.” I blinked and shook a little afraid of what he just said, “Why me, why does it have to be to face him? I'm just a pup.” The old man nodded to him understanding why he was afraid, he had every right to be. Not everyone has the weight of the world on there shoulders from birth. He would say “I understand your concern Carter but your destiny is set in stone. It will happen weather you chose to act upon it or not. Once your done with your training, you will be granted two weapons to help you with your quest. They will require responsibility and lots of training to get use too but you will enjoy these weapons. They will be a gift from Osiris himself.” Carter smiled wide at that seeing as the last person to receive a gift like that from Osiris was his father to keep the wraiths at bay. Carter would nod and say, “Alright if it is my destiny I will accept the responsibility and work as hard as I can at completing the task.” The old man nodded and put his hand to Carter's forehead and next thing he knows he was waking up in his bed the next morning.
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Chapter 2: A Visitor in the Night
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