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 Trent Fomalhaut

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PostSubject: Trent Fomalhaut   Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:20 pm

Name:Trent Fomalhaut

Gender:Male Age:318

Species:Half dragon, half human

Hair:Dark blue Eyes:Arctic blue, golden pupils.

Height:6'1" Weight:163lbs

Build:See picture

Basic Info:Likes the cold and catgirls. Hates the heat. Highly intelligent and uses strategy when fighting.

Powers/abilities:Can grow and put away dragon wings at will, draconian strength, flight, a skilled swordsman, can use use some magic mainly ice related. Has enter a dragon form.

Weapons/equipment:Hyouga Shimekiri (Glacier's End in english). A sword that looks like the Buster Sword except it's stronger, 1ft longer, and it's sharp edge, pommel, cross-guard, and rain guard appear to be made of ice(But aren't, it's just the materials used to forge it).

A Kris Naga. (Like the one in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness)

Cerberus. A hand gun that can hold up to 18 bullets and fires 3 bullets at a time.
(For more info about Cerberus click here

Modified clothes/armor. (Shirts/armor have diamond shaped holes in the back for the wings to come out.)
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Trent Fomalhaut
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