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 Chapter 2

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When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.
When I'm home alone, I like to pretend I'm a potato.

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:26 am

The term 'all hell broke loose' seized to be adequate. Gunshots that could be heard from 3 sectors down just stopped. I was lucky enough to escape the lab, I can't say the same thing for most of my peers. Screaming just stopped. For that small amount of time, I forgot others were on this huge vessel, I heard the silence, felt the cold, dead air, saw the bloodied windows and tasted death in the air. I was truly alone for that moment.
I snapped out of my trance and thought to myself aloud. "Calm down, calm down, I can get out of this, but I need to calm down." I was loosing it! I punched the wall and swore under my breath. The hanger then suddenly just came apart, I mean it got sucked into the void of space, entirely. the edges crudely ripped from their original position. the black goo seemed to go with it. I put on my helmet and checked my vitals, I was green in everything except for ammunition, considering I didn't have a gun on me at the moment, I didn't care. I opened the airlock to the hanger and it was much worse than I thought, the goo was going through the walls, I scanned the DNA files of the goo and 'Not in selected database' popped up. I ran, back through the airlock and towards the hangar, if I could get there, I thought, I could get a ship and get out of this hellhole. Towards the hangar I went, but the goo wasn't far behind, and it had started approaching me, down the halls as fast as I ran, consuming the ship in it's wake, but then it turned, at a door after the goo had grown a fair bit, it just left, if you, the reader, had ever felt true horror, then experienced what I experienced that week, then you could face anything.
I walked at a slower pace after the goo stopped following me, then my eyes grew heavier, before I knew it, I was down, against the wall, sleeping.

I'm more serious than you know, more powerful, I have a voice, but I'm too afraid to use it. I have a blade but I am not yet strong enough to wield it. I have the torch, but the dungeon's darkness is consuming me. I hold the power to help, but lack those in need. I am the shield, that keeps the blade at bay. I hold the lighter, to relight the torch in the blackness. I hold the mic, that makes my voice stronger. Let this be a cry to everyone else, don't lose hope just yet. We can keep the oncoming darkness at bay. I am Alamyst, and this is my message, we will win this war. We will slay all that would threaten this once pure world.
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Chapter 2
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